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The following are the research grouping in the Department:

Mobile and Wireless Communication Research Group:
Mobile and wireless communication engineering is a fast moving field of telecommunication engineering. It is concerned with the concepts, application, design, development and deployment of mobile communication systems and networks (networks which do not use cable or wire for interconnections). It involves expertise in several inter-related subfields such as physical layer transmission technology (radio engineering, signal processing, synchronization, equalization, channel coding), wireless access technology, radio resource, mobility management and industrial standards.

Data Communication and Network Research Group:
In data communication, data is electronically exchanged between two or more computing or communicating devices along data connections established between them. The data connections, consisting of either cable or wireless media are referred to as data communication or computer networks. Data communication and network engineering is a field in telecommunication engineering that deals with the planning, designing, testing, implementation, operation and evaluation of data communication networks. It involves expertise in network topologies, distributed computation, computer networking, communication software, security issues related to communication etc.

The active research areas currently underway in the Department includes:

  1.  Wireless network optimisation
  2.  Data communication and
  3. 4th generation network deployment


Staff Publications

A list of some publications by staffs and students of the department in journals and at international conferences during the academic year 2014-2015  are as follows:


Published Journals

    1. Griffith S. Klogo, Eric Tutu Tchao and Henry Nunoo-Mensah (2014): Opportunistic Use of The 2.6/3.5 GHz Band For Broadband Services in The West African Sub-Region: Case Study Ghana. International Journal of Mobile Network Communications & Telematics, 4(4):31-38.
    2.  James D. Gadze, Kwasi Diawuo and Prince Anokye (2015). Characterization of Ghanaian Turbulent Atmospheric Channel for Free Space Optical Communication. International Journal of Microwave and Optical Technology (IJMOT), 10(2): pp.143-150.
    3. Henry Nunoo-Mensah, Kwame Osei Boateng and James Dzisi Gadze (2015). Comparative Analysis of Energy Usage of Hash Functions in Secured Wireless Sensor Networks.  International Journal of Computer Applications(IJCA) 109(11): pp. 20-23
    4. Griffith S. Klogo, James D. Gadze and Henry Nunoo (2014).  On the Number of Anchor Nodes for the Localization of Smart Energy Meters (SEM) in an African Environment. International Journal of Computer Applications and Information Technology (IJCAIT), 185(13): pp.31-34.
    5. K.W. Yeom, A.-R. Ahmed (2015). Measurement of  Noise  Parameters  Using  6-Port  Network, Invited Paper, Journal of  Korean Inst. of Electromagnetic Eng. and Science, 26(2), pp.119-126.
    6. A.-R. Ahmed, K.W. Yeom (2014). An Extraction of Two-Port Noise Parameters From Measured Noise Powers Using An Extended Six-Port Network, IEEE Trans. Microwave Theory and Techniques,  62(10): pp. 2423-24347.
    7. D. H. Lee, A.-R. Ahmed, S. W. Lee, K.W. Yeom (2014). Measurement of the Noise Parameters of On-Wafer Type DUTs Using 8-Port Network, Journ. Korean Inst. of Electromagnetic Eng. and Science, 25(8), pp.808-820.
    8. Yang Xing, Kuang Yujun, Kponyo Jerry (2014). A Routing Strategy with Distributed Location Service for VANETs, Journal of Chongqing University of  Post and Telecommunication (Natural Science Edition), October 2014,26(5): 598-604.
    9. Kwame AgyekumE. T. Tchao and Emmanuel Affum (2014): Quality of Service Evaluation of a Deployed 3G Data Network for a Campus wide e-learning Platform. International Journal of Computer Applications (0975-8887), April, 2014, 91(16), pp. 14-19.
    10. Opare KwasiKuang Yujun, Kponyo JerryMode Combination in an Ideal Wireless OAM-MIMO Communication SystemIEEE Wireless Communication LettersMay, 2015, PP(99):1-4


Accepted Journal Papers

  1. Kponyo Jerry, Kuang Yujun, Opare Kwasi, Nwizege Kenneth. (2015). A Distributed Intelligent Traffic System Using Ant Colony Optimization. Submitted to International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks. (SCI: Accepted)
  2. Kponyo Jerry, Kuang Yujun, Opare Kwasi, Zhang Enzhan, Tebe Parfait. (2015). A NetLogo Implementation of the Ant Colony Optimization Solution to the Traffic Problem. Submitted to Institution of Engineering Technology- Intelligent Transportation Systems Journal (SCI: Accepted).

Conference Papers

  1. Eric Tutu Tchao and W.K. Ofosu. (2014). From the Environment to the Classroom: A Sub-Saharan African Scenario. In: Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Teaching, Assessment, and Learning for Engineering (IEEE TALE). Session 4D: Educational Policy, Leadership and Development, Wellington, Dec 8-10, 2014, pp. 341-345.  
  2. Kwame AgyekumE. T. Tchao and Emmanuel Affum (2014): Techno-Economic Optimization of Power Systems for off-Grid Telecommunications Infrastructure in Remote Locations in Ghana. In: Proceedings of 11th College of Engineering research Retreat, New Abirem, July 1-4, pp. 36-44.
  3. Opare, K.A.; Yujun Kuang (2014), Performance of an ideal wireless orbital angular momentum communication system using multiple-input multiple-output techniques. In: Proceedings of International Conference on Telecommunications and Multimedia (TEMU), Greece, July 28-30, 2014, pp.144-149.
  4. Opare, Kwasi A.; Kuang, Yujun; Kponyo, Jerry J.; Nwizege, Kenneth S.; Enzhan, Zhang (2015). The Degrees of Freedom in Wireless Line-of-Sight OAM Multiplexing Systems Using a Circular Array of Receiving Antennas. In Proceedings of In Proceedings of Fifth International Advanced Computing & Communication Technologies (ACCT) Conference, February. 21-22, 2015, pp. 608-613.
  5. Opare, Kwasi A.; Kuang, Yujun; Kponyo, Jerry J.  Nwizege, Kenneth S.; Tebe, Parfait I. (2015). The Effect of Receiver-Side Circular Antenna Arrays on Bit Error Probability in a Wireless Line-of-Sight OAM Communication System. In: Proceedings of Fifth International Advanced Computing & Communication Technologies (ACCT) Conference, February. 21-22, 2015, pp.614-620.
  6. A.-R. AhmedJ. KponyoK. Opare, N. S. Kenneth and K. Koumadi. (2015) Temperature Calibration of a Passive Eight-Port Network for Noise Parameters Measurement. In: Proc. of UKSim2015, Cambridge, March, 25-27, 2015. pp. 594-600.
  7. A.-R. Ahmed, K. W. Yeom. (2014). Noise Parameters Measurement Using an Eight-Port Network, In: Proc. of Korea Institute of Communication and Information Sciences, May 2014.p. 33.
  8. Tebe Parfait, Kuang Yujun, Kponyo Jerry. (2014). Performance Analysis and Comparison of ZF and MRT Based Downlink Massive MIMO Systems. In: Proc. Of the Sixth International Conference on Ubiquitous and Future Networks, Shanghai, China, 2014, pp. 383 – 388.
  9. Nwizege Kenneth, Kponyo JerryOpare Kwasi, Mmeah Shedrack.  (2014). Optimization of PHY Layer Protocol for Wireless and Mobile Networks. In: Proc. of European Modeling Symposium, Pisa, Italy, 2014, pp. 431-436.
  10. Kponyo Jerry, Kuang Yujun, Zhang Enzhan.  (2014). Dynamic Travel Path Optimization System Using Ant Colony Optimization. In: Proc. of 16th International Conference on Computer Simulations and Modeling, AMSS-UKSIM2014, Cambridge (Emmanuel College), United Kingdom, 2014, pp. 141-147.
  11. Kponyo Jerry, Kuang Yujun, Opare Kwasi, Nwizege Kenneth, Abdul-Rahman Ahmed, Koudjo Kumadi, A  NetLogo Modeling Approach to an Ant Colony Optimization Solution to the Dynamic Travel Path Optimization Problem in VANETS. Fifth International Conference on Mobile Services, Resources and Users, (MOBILITY 2015), Brussels, Belgium, 2015, pp. 24-30.


Accepted Conference Papers

  1. E. T. Tchao, W. K. Ofosu and K. Diawuo: “Mobile Telemedicine Implementation with WiMAX Technology: A Case Study of Ghana”. Accepted for presentation at the IEEE Wireless Telecommunications Symposium, New York, USA, April 15-17, 2015.
  2. E. T. Tchao, W. K. Ofosu and B. Ghansah: “Using Remote Sensing Techniques for Monitoring Ecological Changes in Lakes: Case Study of Lake Naivasha”. Accepted for presentation at the 36th Progress in Electromagnetic Research Symposium (PIERS), Prague, Czech Republic, European Union 6th – 9th July, 2015.